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Property Seekers Buyers Agents has a fixed fee structure that provides flexibility based on your needs

During our initial consultation we will talk you through the fee structure and which level best suits your needs.

We want to provide you with flexible options so we tailor our services to meet your needs. Whether you are purchasing your first home and just need help with searching and analysing your property options, adding a multi-million dollar property to your portfolio using our full service, or anything in between. We have a fee structure that is value based for your individual circumstances.

Our commitment to every client is based on value for services provided. We will discuss your individual needs during the initial consultation. This approach provides a personalised fee structure for your circumstances.

Property Seeker Buyers Agent do not accept commissions or any other form of financial incentive from 3rd parties such as real estate sales agents or home sellers. Our fees cover our expertise, time and expenses.

You will have access to the large number of homes that are not advertised to the general public known as off-market properties. Our market knowledge, search and negotiation skills gives you the confidence that the property you purchase will provide you with return on investment when you engage Property Seeker Buyers Agent.

Save yourself the disappointment and frustration of trying to secure properties that are not in your budget range or do not have the potential of high yield.

Property Seeker Buyers Agent are your buying partner.

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