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Our Process

The first step is a one on one consultation with one of our experts. The purpose of the initial meeting is to establish your short and long term goals and what type of real estate you want to purchase in the Newcastle market.

Working on behalf of a buyer is a very privileged role, we treat everyone as individuals and your confidentiality is assured every step of the process.

We gain insight into what you want to achieve with your purchase and provide relief for your pain points when buying real estate. Property Seeker Buyers Agent are your personal buying expert with your goals our key focus. Your success is our success from start to settlement.

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  • 20 years experience helping individuals & businesses create wealth through real estate
  • Experienced across Industrial, Commercial, Duplex & Dual Occupancy, House & Land packages, Units and Townhouses
  • Start or build on your investment portfolio
  • Local knowledge and network support
  • Locate the right property for first or subsequent home buyers, investors or business owners
  • We deal with the Real Estate Agents
  • Auction success
  • Advice on SMSF property acquisition as well as negative and positive cash flow
  • Access to local network including solicitors & conveyancers, pest control, local regulators to expedite the time to settlement
  • We have access to off market properties

Understanding your goals we use our experience, knowledge & negotiation to deliver success

After that first meeting and our agreement of engagement, we undertake a number of steps on your behalf with consultation and communication an essential part of the process. The things we undertake on your behalf include:


We conduct property searches based on the outcome of our initial meeting. We undertake a needs analysis and commence searching for properties that meet those needs. During the period of our agreement there is an unlimited number of property searches that we will undertake for you. Property Seeker Buyers Agent are committed to finding the right properties that meet your needs and your budget.

This step of the process means you save time and minimise the risk of making costly mistakes out of frustration or lack of time. Property Seeker Buyers Agent understands the market and has the local connections to find the right properties for your consideration.

We will negotiate with the seller and bid at auctions on your behalf to ensure you are buying your preferred property at the lowest possible price.


Property Seeker Buyers Agent provides advice without bias, we know the properties to avoid and we know the properties to recommend. Due diligence is conducted by our experts through every step of the process. We make sure there are no surprises when deciding on a property to make an offer on, or bid for at auction.

You will also have the advantage of access to off market and non advertised properties putting you ahead of everyone else in the market.

Because of our finance experience and local market knowledge we will provide you with realistic property appraisals so you are confident of avoiding misleading price guides or missing out at auction.


Negotiation through the process of purchase is a skill that is honed over time. Understanding the strategies in play and when to show your hand will mean the difference between buying at the best price or paying too much.

Property Seeker Buyers Agent remove the emotion that is always attached to purchasing a property either a place of residence, commercial or investment – you want the property so it is sometimes difficult to separate the need from the want.

We are skilled negotiators who put your interests at the front of all our negotiations. We want to get your property at the best price – that is what you should expect. Property Seeker Buyers Agent know the market and any negotiation is based on market trends and research.

Bid At Auction

There are various reasons why you may prefer to have someone act on your behalf at an Auction but the most valuable reason is that you will have a professional bidding on your behalf. Property Seekers Buyer Agent understand the auction process and the market demand and will bid on your behalf to secure the property at the best price without going over your budget.

Exchange Contract

Engaging with other professionals throughout the purchase of your property will be made simple with the help of Property Seeker Buyers Agent. We understand the process and can negotiate any contract changes on your behalf. You will have the confidence that your property will be settled in your favour in a timely, appropriate manner.

General Advice

We are an advocate for you, the buyer and our agreement with you will ensure your real estate purchase is relieved of all the stress as well as reduce the impact on your time. Property Seeker Buyers Agent have the knowledge, skills, networking contacts and understand the Newcastle and surrounds real estate market.

With over 20 years experience in assisting people to create wealth through strategic property purchase means you will be ahead of everyone else when it is time to purchase real estate in Newcastle. Property Seeker Buyers Agent works for you – The Buyer.

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