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Property Seeker Buyers Agent have the knowledge, experience and success across three key areas of property acquisition.

We use our real estate experience and combine it with our finance and wealth creation success to assist buyers who want to purchase residential property, and investors who need someone skilled in positive & negative gearing as well as self managed super funds. We also have extensive experience in duplex and dual occupancy properties as well as house and land packages, units and townhouses.

If you want to purchase property as a home buyer or investor in residential, industrial or commercial real estate Property Seeker Buyers Agent has the experience, knowledge and successful track record to make it happen for you.

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What Is A Buyers Agent

Your goals are our map, we are driven by achieving the results you want when purchasing property in Newcastle. Buying a home to live in, purchasing an investment, growing your property portfolio – whatever the reason we have the knowledge and experience to deliver you the options that make purchasing the right property happen.

We work for you, the buyer – not the seller.

We can provide you either short term support to purchase a property to reside in, or long term support as you expand your investment portfolio. Your agenda is our mission as we focus on research, results and Newcastle property market insight – giving you the edge for the best result.


Property Seeker Buyers Agent specialise in both residential and commercial properties in and around Newcastle, NSW.

We have the local knowledge, contacts and networking opportunities to work on your behalf to buy real estate. This provides you with the opportunity to have access to local services, including off market opportunities.

With our wealth creation and accounting services we have assisted many clients achieve prosperity through property acquisition. As a licensed Buyer’s Agent we use those skills and knowledge to recommend high yield properties without you spending hours doing the footwork, research and negotiation. We do all the heavy lifting.

We act on your behalf through every step of the process, including representing you at auction, right through to settlement. We understand the Newcastle property market and we will deliver you, the buyer the property that meets your needs and your budget.

Property Seeker Buyers Agent are committed to helping our clients source and purchase strategic property opportunities in the Newcastle market.

Our Buyer’s Agent experience in the Newcastle market is elevated by the fact that we have assisted people through our accounting and wealth creation business to build substantial property portfolios. We have the experience and knowledge to assist anyone who wants to buy property in Newcastle.

We help everyday families as well as seasoned property investors source and buy some of the best residential & commercial real estate on offer in Newcastle. We provide a service that delivers results and improves the wealth of our clients.

As a local Newcastle Buyers Agent, we have specialist knowledge in the Newcastle property market. We provide a high quality service, including comprehensive property investment advice for our clients.

We can assess the development potential of any property, we research planned development and can provide advice on residential or commercial property that may be impacted by planned development in the local area. Our combined skills of finance and wealth creation enables us as a Buyer’s Agent to make recommendations to our clients based on experience, research and information.

Property Seeker Buyers Agent can help you maximise the return on your investment in property, as well as help you purchase the best property for yourself, family or business.

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Stacey Sykes

Stacey Sykes is the Owner and Managing Director of two businesses. He is a licensed Buyer’s Agent and a Wealth Creation Specialist. Stacey has been a business owner of Pivotal Financial Planning since 1999. He started Property Seeker Australia in 2014 and has helped many people purchase property Australia wide.

In 2019 he rebranded his business to Property Seeker Buyers Agent to focus on helping people buy into the Newcastle property market. Stacey has assisted many people achieve their goals of property ownership with his background in real estate and wealth creation.

Stacey works with all types of clients from those wanting to purchase a home to live in to the investor who wants to start or increase their property portfolio. Experience in residential, commercial and industrial real estate with strong connections and knowledge means he achieves results for all his clients.

He is a self managed super fund investment specialist as well as a negative and positive cash flow advisor who understands everyone’s goals are unique.

Working hard for his clients is Stacey’s passion and his business has grown from the many referrals of satisfied clients. His goals are simple – he likes to keep his clients happy and satisfied with the results he achieves for them. Stacey interests are family, golf and rugby union and like everyone who works hard he enjoys and makes time to travel.

Zac Sykes

Buyers Agent

Newcastle Grammar School
Real Estate Certificate of Registration
Real Estate Full Licence

Work History
Worked in real estate since 2016 in both Newcastle and Sydney markets in well-known and established businesses

Rugby Union, Snowboarding and Golf

Researching the market so our client make the right property choices.

To represent all clients best interest and find property solutions so they get value for money.

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